Question for Caucasian men and internet dating?

Ok, so I have been internet dating recently. My son is mixed so I have no issues with dating or marrying outside of my race. However I have noticed that a lot of men who contact me or "wink" at me will try to show interest, so I go on there profile and the odd thing is that on the section where it says what they are looking for, they pick every race other than black. I am just wondering why this is. Should I ignore them? I am black and i put it in my profile so I know there's no mistake. I am just wondering why some guys will put their preferences then reach out to me and I am obiviously black. Thanks and hope I didn't offend!

also how old do you think i am?


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  • A friend of mine pointed this out to me once, and she was black, but she came up with the idea that some caucasian men have an interpretation of what a black women look like or are classed as black women, so the selection Black African/Jamaican etc etc does not always mean or include Black women, ie European/African/American, for instance. British is not always interpreted as English. So when the selection black is checked, then it is often stating the African/Jamaican/ etc and often not just because your black. Although that is what is stated or not selected on their profile.


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