Girls, What do u think of this guy.. Rate him?

1 being no not hot, 5 being ok, 10 being extremily HOT
Girls, What do u think of this guy.. Rate him!?

  • 1-2, Not hot
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  • 3-4, He is ok but still not hot
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  • 5-6, Wow he is cute
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  • 7-8 Hot
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  • 9-10, Extremily Hot/Sexy
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  • he is hot but not extremely hot.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Probably cos he is too young for me... He might grow up to be a hottie...

    • I think he might be... I dont remember exactly but I think its like 25

    • Oh, thought he was much younger. But yeah he still might grow to be good looking as he gets more rugged.

      I am sure to some women he is quite attractive as he is.

    • yea very true.. thanks for ur opinion :D

  • the stubble on his chest is gross looking lol

    • I thought those were like freckles...