What is the difference between run of the mill good looking vs male model except lots of grooming, lighting, camera and photoshop, and maybe taste?

Let's disregard height... I'm 6'0 by the way


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  • Professional models usually all fit into a same build. Tall, muscular but not bulky (like a dancer), and a face thats a little above the normal standard of beauty (OR a face that looks kind of weird but is still beautiful). Most people don't look like professional models. I've only known one male model, and no one else looked anything like him. People with a model build really stand out, because of their height and beauty, and the guy I knew really didn't need photoshop or anything to achieve this.

    That's not to say that people who are attractive and aren't models don't stand out. They do. If you placed them side to side with a model, I don't think one would outdo the other in attractiveness if they were both healthy and had a nice face. The model would just stand out more because of the striking features.

    • I am 6ft tall and have the body. BUT what is a model face? I have a defined jawline and symmetrical features. I do not want to become a model but I want to look like one.

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    • @Hhbbv go for it if you want to!

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