What do you think about the girl on my pofil pic?

What do you think about her?
is she pretty, hot, sweet, ugly, not pretty and so one...
and from which country is she coming?
what do you think


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  • she looks very beautiful.

    would have said from Germany in the hope it's you but I guess I'm wrong reading the other comments haha :P

    • Does she looks so pretty? 😄
      why do you think that she is frok germany

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    • 😂😂😂😂 you are funny

    • at least something I'm good at ;)

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  • She's pretty and she looks either SouthernEuropean or Middle Eastern

    • And you haven't got any plans from which county? 😄

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    • Really haha , I usually guess the nationalities easily haha but I'm surprised I guessed it this time :p So it's Albanian :p?

    • I tell it you after some comments 😄😄

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  • She's beautiful, German perhaps 😊

    • Not really 😄

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    • And what do you mean with 'slightly less beautiful perhaps' ?😊

    • I mean , my girlfriend looks similar, but more beautiful 😊.

  • Don't know about the country but she is very hot!

  • Russian I guess. She is pretty.

    • Hm okey 😄

    • I considered the background and her clothing too. Such plant species often grow most in suburban Russia and her black leather jacket which is very popular in Russia because it's "cool" for them and show sign of masculinity signifying a patriarchal society like in Russia. And her face is usual in Russia but a bit prettier only. OR I am wrong hha.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Very interesting to read that.
      but no she isn't a russian 😄😄

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