Girls, do you like my ass?

Do I have what is considered a good ass for a guy? Is it too big? Do you like it? I want to know your thoughts. Please be honest but only serious comments please.

Thank you :)


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  • You can easily tell that you work out. From some angles it does look a bit big but looking at it straight on, it doesn't look too bad. Maybe don't pull your jeans that high, then it would be less noticeable.

  • You take better butt shots than me lol but you have a cute butt :) and like @awilliam360 said it looks like you might work out so it'll be a little bigger than normal

    • Haha i agree with her. The stupid thing is that guys who workout and want to build muscle will have a bit of a butt but why society doesn't understand? I don't know. You're building muscle with will build up your gluteals too. Your body is all linked, if you work your thighs, they will also work the butt and and your abs. It's the same sort of thing when guys expect girls to be skinny or fit. In order to be that way, you have to lose weight and so it disappears from the boobs as well because boobs are made up of fat. Then guys complain and want a skinny body with big boobs. The fact is, it can't happen. Like i said before, it looks perfectly fine and people won't be complaining because the first thing they'll notice is your muscle. However, some women find it attractive.