Rate my boyfriend (i got permission)?

he's 17 by the way and 6ft tall. He is really smart, romantic and funny too.
Rate my boyfriend(i got permission)?


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  • He's average looking to me


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  • Awww! I don't really say ither guys are cute cuz I have a boyfriend... and by the way my boyfriend is Asian too yayy lol we have been together for 1 yr and 10months now!:)))) Asian GUYS ARE FUCKING SEXY MMMM... only my boyfriend lol xX

    • Is he on this site?

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    • 1 month

    • Aww lol. I remember our first month... I was so shy xD Its a long distance relationship though. We have seen eachother and took eachothers virginity... I get to see him monday! Yayyyy:))))))

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  • Well he is above average lolol. I don't like rating others but better looking than most average guys