Girls, Should I be someone who settles?

I don't seem to have trouble attracting women, but I absolutely can NOT attract the women that I am also attracted to.
I have a specific set of standards, but I think most everyone does.
Thin, athletic and toned.
I strive to be the same if not at least similar to this build.
Should I just accept that I will always have to settle (None of my exes have ever have the gym body I speak of)?
Do you think a guy that looks like this should be able to attract the female type I described above?
Please be brutally honest with me.
Girls, Should I be someone who settles?


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  • You actually look like you plan to attract guys rather than girls if I'm really honest 😳
    Lol I could have sworn you were gay I'm so sorry if you're not 😅
    Anyways to your troubles I generally think, never settle for less as that is just gonna make you unhappy in the long run.

    • Well I don't see how that makes me look gay and you are the only girl to ever say that about that picture.
      But thanks for your honesty.

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    • You opinion. Aristotle doesn't seem to think so.
      Thank you Aristotle.

    • Yeah that's obviously just what I say :)

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  • Your average looking so you could get an average looking girl.

  • Nothing is wrong with you, you'll find one.

  • Maybe you scare the women you are attracted to by coming on too strong or acting desperate

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