When people constantly confirm you are "attractive" / "handsome" , are you less likely to believe it then?

Just 2 years ago when I was 18, I looked nothing like I am looking now, it wasn't until 19 till my face started to get more edgy - I already changed a lot from 19 to 20 - guys are not really done before 21.

The actual question is : When you get compliments very often (not from friends or family) , doesn't it become something "normal" - something you are used to? - nothing special so to speak?

I mean, you have done nothing to look whatever you look like, you just became what you are now.

Isn't it jsut the same as getting compliments on your skin color and being proud of it?

You have done nothing for it after all


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  • dude, stfu and move on -_- those anonymous guys are right, u do act like a faggot

    • and by the way, lot of people have given me those compliments too and i am a short bad looking guy, so dont let your head get too big