How do I get boys to find me more attractive?

Before you say something like "don't try to change youself for a boy" or whatever, just stop. That's not what I'm looking for right now.

So the thing is I am pretty. I think I'm pretty and by the reaction of most guys they think so too. However, I am not drop dead gorgeous, and not the girl guys will fall over themselves trying to get. Also I hook up with guys (before you ask I don't mean sex; also I'm in college so random hook ups are normal) and rarely are they guys that I have never met before (although how well I know them varies from guy to guy). Yet even if they ask for my number, or even have my number before we hook up it's rare that they'll text me after, no matter how much we talk that night. Also I never get asked on dates (although dates aren't so common in the college environment outside relationships). These are things I'd like to change.

I think my face would be classified as "cute". I have very curly hair that I rarely straighten, but is also what I get complimented on most so I don't think that needs to change. I have big boobs and I am thin (but not toned, which is something I would hopefully like to change). My butt is pretty small but I just started doing squats so hopefully that helps. I am tall so do not wear heels so I do not get any taller. On a day to day basis I wear little to no makeup (usually it's eyeliner on the bottom and lipstick). When I go out I wear a bit more makeup but still not much because I am not very good with makeup (at most eye liner, lipstick, non-dramatic eye shadow, mascara, blush, and cover up if necessary). My skin is mostly clear, though I get some white heads and black heads here and there that I am using a creme to try to get rid of. My teeth are white and (after many years at the orthodonist) basically straight.

So, after all that, what are things that I can do/change to make guys find me more attractive?


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  • relax, smile and be outgoing. be friendly and show interests in similar things.
    don't be afraid to be aggressive.
    many men are not too hung up on things like makeup...
    you describe yourself as pretty. perhaps there is something deeper within your own words that you may have just partially answered for yourself?

    I can't speak for all men, but I can for myself. what attracted me to my wife was simple. my wife is drop dead pretty and that was not it... at all... just a side bonus.

    my wife is a genuine kind soul who thinks of others before herself. she grew up struggling and never forgot who she was or where she comes from. her pride in herself made confidence in both her and me. I knew she would make me stronger than I was by myself.

    a good woman makes a man want to be a better man. a pretty woman and a good woman put together, well you make a pretty good woman.

    ladies, prove in your hearts and the rest will follow, if they don't leave them behind...
    looks are not everything.

    pretty smiles, makeup, boobs and fun parts all have a place... but what you seem to describe only comes from within.

    • I'm not talking about what's within though, that's completely separate. I'm pretty much happy with who I am as a person and I'm not changing any of that for a guy. I can talk to guys, I love to flirt, and I have many things that make me unique. However, I want guys to be interested enough in me to want to find these things out.

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  • be yourself, that is what guys find attractive.


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  • Blame feminism and the way girls look at guys. You get the impression women think all men are horny creeps who need to be put in line and learn their place. It's destroying young guys confidence to approach girls. Young guys, or a lot of them are scared the girl they approach is going to sneer or laugh at them then start spreading rumours they're some sort of creep or sex pest. This is where we are today. A persons natural inclination towards the opposite sex is being ridiculed and alienated. No wonder so many people in the west are depressed and suicidal. The media is making people second guess their every urge and desire and making them think they're freaks for feeling a certain way. That's probably it. Who knows though

  • You're beautiful and gorgeous


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  • Gain more confidence and stop being so insecure.

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