Girls, How do I honestly look 1-10?

I've been told im cute, adorable which I would think isn't bad. But I've also gotten Hot. I think im an average looking guy. Just curious on how the females view me on a physcially attractive level. Im sure my personality is kind and genuine.. Working on the confidence though. Genuine opinions please thanks. and yes the THIRD picture was for my Girlfriend at the time so no hate on trying to look like a model.
Girls, How do I honestly look 1-10?


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  • You look really good in the 3rd pic.


    • yeah haha it was for my previous girlfriend so I tried. Thank you :)

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  • You are adorable, really. No need not to have confidence look wise.

    • Thanks I think as I get older I won't have the boyish look haha

  • you are literally like an 8 ... you are very mathematically proportioned, but if you changed your style, you'd appear like a 9... I think you could possibly grow into a late 9.. If you mature more physically... Like getting stronger or faster would make you advance... Sorry.. being honest

    • Thanks. Im rocking that baby face but I dress more like a man now. I've been lifting too used to be scrony at 6 feet.

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    • Lol you wanna dress like a martial artist?

    • I think you'd suit clothes that are for muscly people, if that makes any sense

  • Dayumm. Homie kinda fine tho.