Girls, Ladies, your opinion please?

So this is actually otherwise a girl question only, asked from a guys perspective and a 'typical guy' concern lol. The difference here is that I 'think' I already know the answer but, just in case...

Without further adieu... looks vs $$ vs size!

Ladies, would you rather have:

Please be 100% honest in your answer and/or comments

*In this case, ugly/good looking makes reference to the face.

**Feel free to answer anon and comment


  • A good looking guy with no $$, a great body & -4"
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  • An ugly guy with lots of $$, a great body and 8+"
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  • A good looking guy with a few extra lbs, no $$‚ & -4"
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  • An ugly guy with a few extra lbs, lots of $$ & 8+"
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  • A good looking guy, nice body, no $$ but, 8+"
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  • An ugly guy, no body, tons of $$, but -6"
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    look wise, anyone i feel attracted to, sometimes the guys im attracted to are know as "hideous" "odd looking" "freddy kruggar looking" but its mainly because i fall for men who are confident, caring, kind hearted, hard working, and most of all VERY MANLY

    but id love it if he had:
    Vin Diesel's Voice and manliness
    Adam Sandler's Goofiness/sweet loving personality or at least his character's personalities (the ones who are very loyal and devoting to their woman, longellow deeds for example)

    • wow my post didn't make sense when i added the vin and adam thing cause i pretty much stated everything on the first paragraph

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  • If he's average/decent looking with money then I'm alright with that.

  • I thought I liked guys with lots of money (my ex was filthy rich) but the guy I'm falling now is completely broke. His parents are farmers and he doesn't have 1/10 of what I do. He has my heart though, so I guess money doesn't matter. When it comes to face, yeah, I'm sorry but I want a cute guy. A really nice body is important too - I take care of myself A LOT and do tons of sports, and would like that as a common interest. --> voted E.

    • So you're good with no size? Well I 'thought' I was in the know. I'm good looking, average (maybe slightly above avg body), no money but, I have better than 8". Not gonna lie, because I get around because of this... My best friend are women who talk so, Im pretty much passed around lol. Not really funny and I've even been told women just say size doesn't matter just to be nice or whatever til they hook up with me then its, "wow! You feel sooo good, fill me up, stretch me, etc" Then again, I'm still single... not by choice either. I want a relationship but all the women who want me/I've been with just tend to use me. I'm so messed up and confused I guess. Any advice on what I should do?

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    • No. Never had a need to but, I suppose it's a good idea! Thanks!! Oh and no I don't live in a small town.

    • Anytime 😊

  • A guy that I can look at without feeling scared, makes enough money/does not have to own a house or whatever, healthy shape, does not have to have abs so as long as he is healthy and fit and I don't care about size.