What is wrong with elevator shoes?

Look up on google. I am not talking about obvious heel shoes. There are plenty of dress shoes out there that have the shoe built around the heel. They look completely normal (seriously check them out... NOT ROBERT DOWNEY JR shoes...)
Why? Because although I can get Girls at my height with all of my good qualities... YOU KNOW that if I looked like I was 6ft something. ... I WOULD GET MORE. That is undeniable. And Girls don't really care about height once you're taller than them in heels. It's not like BOOBs for us guys. Height is just so they don't feel awkward.

Okay so I know at 5 ft 9 I am not really short.
I am quite intelligent (and have a high paying job), handsome and very fit.
BUT in elevator shoes I am pretty much 6ft 1 and can easily claim 6ft barefoot and honestly Girls cannot tell height difference for shit (you know it). And this is purely for THE CLUB.


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  • Uh, actually I can tell - and talk about false representation. Ew.

    • U hhhh. ... think about this. A guy that looks jacked, pretty good looking face, and has a great $$$$$ job. But he is 5ft 9. Now he wears some elevator shoes and boom he looks 6ft. Would anyone who has not seen him without them notice? Consider he's athletic.

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    • I can tell when someone's body type doesn't match their height, usually. And I don't deal with fake stuff like that.
      (Same with eyes. If you're trying to get me based on looks only/especially fake ones - not interested.)

      I also don't go to clubs so...

    • Also height isn't that big a deal to me.

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  • so you're basically standing on blocks inside of your shoe.

    • Yeah... but it looks good since I'm athletic and am above average looking

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    • Should I add blue or green contact lenses too for good measure?

    • if that's the trend these days

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