How do I look without makeup?

And do I appear my age or older or younger?

Just curious. I'm spending the night by this guys house and don't know if I should reveal my face without makeup.


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  • Well, I don't see a pic in the question.. So I am assuming you are suggesting your profile pic, in that case.. please stop that bs, I can see that makeup despite the pixels. And with make up you look average, so I guess you should keep it on.

    • I have on lipgloss and residue from my eyeliner from last night. I'm black we don't need much makeup to look amazing. I don't think I've ever posted a picture with a full face of makeup and I probably won't.

  • You should wear make up. With out make up you look so average. You look like 30.


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  • In your avatar it looks like you are wearing eye liner and lipstick. Or did you forget to post a picture here?

    • I have on lipgloss. No eyeliner, took it off last night a little might be on left from last night not much.

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    • What is wrong with you? Block me so I cannot reply. If I am old, then you are childish for a 31 year old woman. You post a blurry photo for your avatar with makeup on, asking how do you look? You are very insecure woman and I suggest to you to get some mental help for your issue.

    • , asking how do you look without makeup on?*

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