Which quote from the ones here is most beautiful?


which quote from the ones here is most beautiful?




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  • Either Spalding's, Scott's, or Buddha's. They're all relevant to real life, and actually have deeper meanings than "the world is pretty". They actually want you to take a message away from it.

    "The universe is important because you think it is. Pat yourself on the back for making something like that happen."

    "You only know your true self after you have suffered your worst."

    "It's okay to love yourself. Nobody has more influence in your world than you do, so you're definitely important".

    Buddha's words have a deep impact on my own personal life. It took me a long time to realize this particular lesson, and it's something I pass on today whenever it seems relevant.

    While the other two are still great things to learn, you can't learn to accept stress and your acceptance of your place in the universe with just a few words of advice. Those are things you need to understand on your own. Buddha's message is easier to get across, and because of that, makes a bigger impact.

    TLDR: #3 is my answer.


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  • I recently have found a quote I just can't stop thinking about I think you should know:
    (since you're into quotes like me)

    "I tried to become a forest because you said you loved trees <3 "


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