You like the bra?

well thought abit about it after several of you asked a less covered pic. i am still not sure if it is allowed on here. like some of you guys said. just try. well here is my try. what do you think of the bra?
You like the bra?

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  • I think it's really sexy and so r ur boobs! I just don't care what size boobs the girl I want to date has , that is because to me and many other men find all boob sizes are all equally sexy, because boobs are boobs. I want to date a girl for her personality , not her body. I want to date a girl that has the following: big heart, mature, kind, polite, and has an amazing personality. All that matters is in the inside not the outside (this can apply to both genders).

    • I really don't get the downvotes. I think alike. Maybe it's a bit out of topic?

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    • i think they are to small and others will think they are to small

    • So asker (@dutchgirlie) they are really sexy! You should be proud of your body, and not care what other people think of it, get people to care way more about your personality and the person you are, instead of your body!

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