How is someone supposed to know where they stand in terms of facial genetics? I mean sure I have been called attractive and stuff but that is vague?

I have symmetrical features and a reasonably defined jawline. But beyond that is there anyway to know? As in where you stand in terms of facial genetics?

Don't tell me to post a pic. I HAVE already done that and got satisfactory results however it tells me NOTHING about where I stand in terms of facial genetics.


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  • I know who you are and indeed, Don't you dare to post a pic.
    There is nothing like 'facial genetics'. Nobody knows what are good genetica and what are bad because everything is subjective. You just have to deal with vague opinions because that's what life is all about. Not everything is objective and can be proven or some soort.

    • But then what about Francisco Lachwoski and youtube comments?😅😅😅

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    • I mean I guess one could send in headshots to a modelling agency for teh lulz

    • Nobody is a real expert, but there are probably some people who take a deeper look into it with psychological research.
      You know a model agency doesn't only want head shots but also body shots and you to be a good lengte.

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  • "How is someone supposed to know where they stand in terms of facial genetics?" They should be able to look in the mirror and say "I got them" (LOOKS) or "I DON'T" via the thousand/millions of MFs that they've seen thus far in their lifetimes, right?

    And IMHO by the age of 16 (just my OP) most people should already know where they sit on the "totem pole" when it comes to "attractiveness". And hell even if they didn't know their peers/strangers would clue them in on it via catcalls, compliments and eye fucks etc (speaking from 1st hand EXP) HAHAHA.

    • I mean we have a lot of people to subconsciously compare ourselves to daily, right? So yeah... most people who're "aesthetically pleasing " should know it fairly quickly.

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    • I have a strong jawline and symmetrical features

    • Look take this from another good looking guy who gives a flying a fuck? Since as long as you/we're getting eye fucked + complimented by this or that girl who cares? Ya know especially since in the end we're still going to get more play than any average looking guy in a 500-mile radius of us by most if not all female in sight, right? .. so #IAintComplaining haha haha

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  • You can scan your picture to a program that calculates the ratio of your face and matches the golden ratio.

    • Bro... if you can give me a link or any hint as to where I can find such a program I'll suck yo dick no homo lol 😅😅

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    • Duuuude those are inaccurate as fuck. I got an 8 once and Brad Pitt got like 6.9 something. It differs from pic to pic. SO I guess the best thing would be modelling agency trolling? I'll do that once I have gotten to a low enough bodyfat.

    • But still thanks for taking the time to answer.

  • I think the only thing you can rely on is statistical evidence

    • And how exactly am I supposed to get enough statistical evidence without being called a Spammer at most the third time I ask?

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    • Life's purpose:
      1) Gain knowledge, money and women.
      2) Get as physically aesthetic as possible.

    • I do both. But sometimes doubts like this creep in. Lol