Why dont I feel good abouy myself?

So for awhile now, i felt like i wasn't pretty enough for any guy. I dont see beauty, i dont see anything pretty, when i get my eye brows done and hair i feel good. BUT i dot feel pretty enough that a guy would want to be with me. I have a gap i fucking hate it! I am getting braces as soon as i can my down payment. I have been told my gap makes me beautiful but i dont see that, i see ugliness! i have always seen that. many people have talked about my gap and said things that made me cry and feel bad. So i thought i have to change this, because i dont like this. i HATE HATE HATE my gap! Thats why i am getting braces.

I am a black girl, i have this rare skin thing, my skin color is different, i have blotchie skin some parts or light and some are dark. I get really insercure about that because i think what man is going to like my skin and tell me i am beautiful. what man isn't going t ask me if something is wrong with my skin

. Yes i love my skin color, i love being black women. I think my dark skin is great bu ti hate the blotchiness that I have. I am going to me 19 years old, i have not EVER kissed a guy or had an actuall boyfriend, been on a date! I think that i am going to be alone all my life. If i do get a boyfriend, i wouldn't know how to have one, i wouldn't know what it is like to be loved by man that is not my father or grandfather.

I am also a virgin but this by choice but i am afraid that no one will love me because of all my insercurietes and fears that i have of myself. I want to be loved and called beautiful. But the sad part is i dont think this will ever happen to me. Another thing is i am atrracted to others races as well as mine, but what kind of man would love me
Why do i feel this way? How can i overcome this?


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  • Before other people, guys, will find you attractive and be able to love you, you will need to be able to love yourself and feel comfortable with who you are, at least to a certain degree.
    I know it's probably easier said than done, but work on feeling good about you and feeling comfortable in your own skin and that positive energy will show, and people will be attracted to it.
    There are guys who are attracted to all different types of women, so there is 100% no doubt that there are LOTS of guys who would find you attractive and want to be with you. But if you are giving off that uncomfortable, insecure vibe, they will probably be either turned off by it or won't want to or won't know how to approach you.

    On the flip side, no matter what you look like or how big the gap in your teeth is or what skin condition you have, if you walk around with your head up and confident in yourself... some pride in your stride as they say... smile a lot, and be friendly... I'm sure you'll find plenty of dates :-)

    Best of luck and keep your head up! (And smile!)
    You are beautiful :-)


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