What do chinese peoples appearance have that other Asians dont?

I mean that every Asian country has its own looks... i heard the chinese people and girls have oval faces for the differance..


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  • To be honest, it's hard to figure out an overarching "characteristic" for Chinese, perhaps because there are so many ethnicities in China and thus mixing that has occurred in China across the centuries. I tend to "rule out" Japanese and Korean and then identify someone as Chinese. Cheekbones and mouth-lines aren't as pronounced as Koreans, but more pronounced than Japanese.

    • I liked japan and wantes to go there... but i kinda changed my mind 3 hours ago lol.. reason is, i saw some weird japanease racism on u tube and il be honest here.. i do want to go tocan Asian country for reasons and one of the reason is that i want to find an Asian woman i like... whitch means.. u know... lol... also chinese people are very natural people and dont pay attention to makeup a lot and plastic surgery. ... alsp there more open to the world

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  • They tend to be generally shorter and Koreans and Japanese counterparts


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