Girls, What weight would you consider chubby for a guy who is 5'6?

Yes, i know I'm short. But this question is about weight, NOT height. So please stay on topic. I've had a really bad day today, and the last thing i need is to be made fun of for my height... again.

I know the answers may be skewed a little because you all have different muscle preferences, but i want your asnwers anyway, just so i know the absolute maximum weight i should try to stay away from.


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  • A healthy weight for a 5'6" male is 128-156 lbs
    However if your working out muscle weighs more than fat without being as big. It depends if you want to stay a healthy weight or if your going for a certain look or ascetic.

    • Well i naturally have a solid build and I have somewhat bulky muscles, but I'd like get more lean muscle and look a little slimmer and more lanky.

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    • Sounds like you do not need much help and should have no problem achieving your goal. Congrats on the weight loss too!

    • Yeah, i guess you're right. I'm just afraid that my genetics are responsible for my build, and that it'll be impossible for me to get lean.

      And thanks!

  • Do not go over 150, ideally around 130lbs

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