I can't tell if people think I'm attractive or ugly?

To me, I'm not the best looking, but I'm not ugly. I'm not the typical clean cut guy, I have that sort of Jimmy Page/Rock look, with longish curly hair, wearing blue jeans and a band tee everyday... just to give you a slight picture.
Other guys don't like my long hair, which is understandable, but I don't really care either way, it's not as annoying to always get a haircut. The girls... seem proactive. I get a lot of looks, but I can't distinguish the "He's cute" look from the "look at that weird ass with his long ass hair" look.
For my picture, don't say I'm trying to be cool by putting a guitar picture. Guitar pictures are the only pictures I have of myself. This one was taken a long time ago and my hair is longer now (About my jaw line) and looks straighter, but it's the only picture I have... so hopefully it works.
Tell me what you think


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  • I think you have nice features and seem cool. It takes the right girl but there are plenty or there who prefer a look like yours. I doubt they are looking at you thinking ew, there looking at you cause your unique and different which is a good thing. They find you interesting. If you see one you like looking at you smile and say a friendly hey and see where it goes and good luck

    • Thanks for your input, I was just wondering because, like you said, you don't see guys like me everywhere (Not to sound cocky or anything) and I didn't know if that was a "good thing".

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