Should I cut my hair short again?

Okay so i've had my hair short for quite some time, but it's long again now. But, a lot of people tell me the really liked the short hair on me and i just dont know what to do because i maybe want to cut it again but i'm not sure.. .

Should i cut my hair short again?

so the first two pictures are from when it was short, the last three pictures are from how it is now

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  • Do NOT EVER cut your hair short. Long hair is the universal sign of a female. As women get older, they get lazy about their looks... and before gaining weight, they cut their hair. It is the downward slide to being an unattractive, unhappy woman.
    Some guys prefer short hair, but it's not very many at all. Guys are wired to love long hair and a pretty face. You have both.
    You said a lot of people tell you they liked it short... well that would be your female friends. Girls are very good at under-handedly sabotaging another girl. They tell you this because you are hot as hell with long hair, and they know it. When you are with them, you are the one people are looking at. By getting you to chop you hair, it brings you down to their level so they have a better chance at getting attention over you. That's how females work.
    So... and it's just my opinion... no cutting allowed. Spend time figuring our what hair care products work best to keep it healthy and give it that amazing shine that stands out from across the room.


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  • Either way looks good. If I had to choose, keep it longer, but if you cut it short (er) you won't be doing any harm either. Haha you can do no wrong!

  • I think longer is better but short still looks nice on you. I suggest you make it whichever way you like more.

  • keep it long, lot hotter

  • cut to 1 hopefully it looks good with colour

  • You have pretty healthy-looking hair. I think you should keep it long and celebrate it.


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