Which is the least scariest smiling or not smiling?

Which is the least scariest smiling or not smiling?

  • Both are scary. 😨
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  • The smile is scariest. 😨
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  • The non smile is scariest. 😨
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  • You just look creepy overall. 😵
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Creepy, maybe like her...


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  • I want to know the poll but I refuse to take part in this meanery.

    • Just pick the last one. It is my post. You think I look that bad, huh?

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    • I chose the last one but I don't think you look creepy. You just shouldn't make that face :/

    • Honestly, I don't know how to make a different one, this is my smile. 😨

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  • I think you look cute in both.

  • Oh god, you're ready for Halloween all year round.

    • Yeah probably, I know I am nothing to look at, but I figure it is Halloween, so why not.

    • If you're going to boldly make a dick move then don't be a coward about it. -_-