Girls, how do I look?

Good or bad? Because I'm not really sure. I always wanted to ask this before but thought it would be too weird to ask. Don't care now since I'm really curious. Guys I know tend to tell me I look fine, especially complimenting my dressing and me being fit, even though I'm not buff but girls have never showed interest in me or even looked at me so it's confusing. What's strange is that I've had some gay guys approaching me in my life, even though I thought they never approached straight guys yet I've been rejected by all 100s of girls I've approached in my lifetime. Anyways, I'm looking for honest opinions so any opinion of yours is welcome. You can tell me based on my pictures on my profile.

Okayyyyy then


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  • I've always thought you were attractive honestly. If you're being turned down a lot, maybe it's your approach? the places that you're approaching women? how you dress? or just bad luck (maybe the women aren't available/single). Probably something that we really can't see, wish I could help more.

    • Thanks! And no, I've tried all kinds of approach. I've seen way too many times where other guys have been successful at different types of ways that I've approached girls. And I've been told by guys a lot that I know how to dress, and this includes guys who do well at attracting girls. Even though I hate to always bring it up but I do bring it up because I don't see any other reason, it surely has a lot to do with me being a brown skinned Indian guy being raised in the West and not being in areas with a decent amount of girls of my own kind. And of course other girls rarely find us attractive.

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    • Maybe you're right, maybe it's just your environment, it could just be a culture/racial thing. That's just odd to me though because where i'm from there are so many interracial relationships.

      I still find it strange that all girls have told you no, what race are the girl's that you're approaching mostly?

    • I've been in East Asia past few years since I study here so it's been mostly East Asian girls that I've approached. Strange cause I'm least attracted to them out of all races, even though I'm open to dating girls of all races. I'm most attracted to brown girls like South Asian or Hispanic girls but there are hardly any of them here. The foreigners here are mainly just whites and blacks and there are many of them. I've approached dozens of white girls and black girls too but mostly it's been Asian girls. In America I didn't approach a lot but when I did, it was mainly white girls since the area I'm from is predominantly white.

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  • You look fine man.

    • Maybe. I'm not sure though, which is why I wanna see what most girls on here think.

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    • Well you could always post a different picture. Maybe try to post one here instead of the avatar. You'd get more answers. Good luck !

    • Lol I don't think I would. When girls find guys unattractive, they completely ignore them or just stay silent about their opinions. I understand they are being nice but I'd rather get called ugly than not have them answering haha. But shouldn't my avatar pic and the cover pic on my profile be enough for girls to judge? Anyways thanks. I don't expect any more answers though haha.

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  • u look fine man. U can easily land a few hotties in india, bharat mata ki jai ;)