What would you think of me?

Okay. I'm Chinese, and I have good grades, but I love a good laugh. I play soccer and I do art, both in which I think I'm okay at. Lots of people know me solely by those two things. I'm known to be really smart and no-nonsense at times, but at others, I can be really clumsy and carefree. What would you think of me? *A/N- I say these things only for a description; I don't want to brag...


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  • Not my type, but Im sure you get along with a lot of people.


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  • Sounds I ke you are a catch


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  • Sounds like a normal teenage girl to me - In life we are good at some things and not so good at others - The trick is to make friends and tell them about yourself - Finding a boyfriend or girlfriend is much the same principle except it turns into a different kind of relationship.


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