Am I a chick magnet, or what?

Am I a chick magnet, or what?

My avatar is me before my shave and haircut. This picture is afterward

  • So... amazingly... Beautiful
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  • Heck yeah bro
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  • OMG!! where's my vibrator?
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  • Meh, I liked you better with the beard
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  • You're decent, but ______
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  • Are you kidding me? You can shatter mirrors with that face of yours
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  • Arrrgghh! My eyes! My eyes!
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  • Gingers are satans spawn on this earth. It just shows so much especially when they get angry like so easily. When they are angry they look like golum on crack. Ginger you probs do shatter mirrors with ur satanic power.

    • I'm not ginger. I'm blonde

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    • Photograph in warm lighting, that is. Lol

    • Ok stop with the satanic thing kk

Most Helpful Guy

  • New look really suits you


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  • If you're a chick magnet, you both have the same poles.

  • Listen bro, I'm like the swag god alright.

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