Rate my math homework?

Rate my math homework?
Yep, this finally gets asked. 😂
Our teacher gives a 10 to the best homework and I need it to pass. 😢😂

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  • It looks clean, but bits of it look a bit sloppy. I would say for a high school level of graphing, this looks acceptable.

    If you want criticism, however:
    1) Any text should be horizontally aligned and all symbols should look as identical as possible.
    2) Extensions for the sides of the triangle should be drawn as disjointed lines.
    3) The bisector lines ought to be continous.
    4) Different type of lines ought to be separated by line thickness. For example, the triangle could drawn with line thickness 1, extensions disjointedly with line thickness 1, bisectors with continous lines with thickness, say, 0.8. The numbers aren't important.
    5) Disjointed lines have to be drawn in an orderly fashion, however, right now the segment length varies greatly.

    You will not get a 10, this does qualify for 7-8.

    If you wish for a more neat outcome, you can keep the basic concept as it is, however, the disjointed lines of bisectors (they do look like bisectors to me, at least) should be drawn in orderly fashion and with less thick pencil. Definitely have to properly align the labels and avoid double drawing as you have done on the line BC, near the startpoint B.

    • It looks mostly clean, what I meant to say.

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    • The green lines are not present in your sketch, I'm not sure if they are necessary or not. (I don't know what your assignment is)
      The blue lines, the bisectors, should be thinner, but continous.

    • I've noticed that the green lines aren't present in my sketch, and how do I make them?
      ^ this is what we need to draw.

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  • What if it was a question about the war of independance? How am I supposed to know what it is about? :-)

  • It looks nice but I haven't a clue if it is correct or not.

  • What the fuck is the problem?

  • This is obviously photoshopped. Those dashed lines are just too good to be true.

    • Actually no, a common beginner mistake to make dashed line pieces vary in length. 99% certain it's hand-drawn.

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