How can I define my natural beauty without make up and such?

I hate wearing make up, and I've never dyed my hair (and don't plan on it, I love my natural hair color). I want naturally longer eye lashes, and I need slightly fuller eyebrows. They're just so light and don't look that full. I've been puttin coconut oil in my hair (trying to do it once a week... that is okay right?) What else can I do?


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  • You can tinting! It looks very natural (eyelashes and eyebrows) it's nothing drastic and doesn't harm. As for hair.. you can try just brushing it a lot and no heat products. Always keep your face moisturized

    • Speaking of tinting... I have a natural reddish tint to my hair (I have some Irish in me)

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  • I did a Google to see if anything there - This might help

  • Make up tattoos. My girlfriend got eyeliner and brows done. Very suttle.
    Don't notice now it just looks like she's natural ea day.
    If u hate putting make up on.
    Google make up tattoos and see results.
    She was never one to use a ton of make up and the tats line i said are very very suttle.
    She don't look like a mob wife. Lmao

    • do you mean permanent make up? lol

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    • Spell check changes the damm words U know that

    • Not if you spell them correctly first lol

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  • Her are lotions and oils to grow hair and eyelashes and eyebrows longer, and acne cream to clea up your skin

    • I just use Dove bar soap for my face and I have no acne. I don't trust acne products, they have either made my skin super oily or really dry. And acne products have a chemical in them that just reduces the amount of acne lol

    • Lmao. Yeah ok. As seen on late nite TV?

    • Just some facts. No late night TV. I don't trust acne products, Okay? Bar soap works for me.

  • add milk on your brows once a week then when it dries up add the coconut oil