Do you think I could be a model?

I'll admit I put an intagram filter on this but.. Give it to me straight do I have potential?
Do you think I could be a model?

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Damn I guess I was just being delusional. I feel pretty ugly now lol.


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I read your update about being "delusional," I immediately looked back to the poll results. The majority of girls have said that you have potential -- which means that they not only find you attractive, but interesting and unique enough aesthetically to be seen as one of the wide ranges of faces in modeling (which is indeed very wide... no one wants to see the same "type" of face on every flat surface). The fact that the men in your poll have voted "most likely not" does not concern me as much.

    Your face is symmetrical, the distance between your forehead to brow bone is good, and the measurements between your hairline, to cheek bones, to jaw, to chin is also good. Your eyes are a nice shape and look to be expressive, as do your eyebrows.

    The fact that I see a couple of tattoos also appeals to the new generation and how photography and fashion has been going these days. Further playing from that, with the feeling I get from your face and how I think a photographer, makeup artist, and stylist could work with from you, I can immediately see a vintage military-inspired photoshoot.

    I think you do have potential. Just know that the modeling industry is a tough place, even in more private, low-key settings. More skill than you may realize is needed to be successful. I suggest, if you are truly interested, to find a friend who is a photographer or studying to become one, and work with them -- it would help their portfolio just as it would help yours.

    By getting to know the photographer and model community around you (and possibly the art department of a local college or art school (even standing for drawing and painting classes is good practice!)), your reach of people and possible jobs will increase exponentially.

    Best of luck.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why does everybody think that looks are all that matters in order to be a model? I guess it depends on what kind of model your trying to be. I mean there are bald female models, plus sized male models, models with vitiligo so I say why not you?

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    • Yeah something like that.

    • Maybe you never know until you try I don't think its fair for anyone to say you can or can't since nobody has any experience in modeling or is an expert about it. Unless they have experience they have no right to say anything. And since I am in neither of those categories I can't say yes or no.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Yes you look good!

  • I think you definitely have some potential!! :)

    • Thanks. I got a lot of followers on IG. Just want to take it to that next level.

  • Clothing model perhaps... Super model no.

    • This will sound shallow and vain but if you had to rate me on a scale from 1-10 what would it be?

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    • Think facial hair would boost me up a little?

    • Honestly I can't say at least not by this picture. I'm usually pretty good at this nu I would have to see a pic regular picture of your face that's not filtered.

  • you're pretty ugly-average. This is just my opinion and someone else probably thinks you're hot. Anyways i hope you succeed in what you desire.

    • You're saying ugly to average? Wow lol. Never been called ugly before. what stands out the most?

    • Ur nose and mouth which aren't too flattering to me. Sorry (^~^)

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  • I find this photo difficult to examine, so I'm not going to vote. Try another

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