Girls, rate my chest/arms?

I have a thin body frame wondering if it's good or bad looking to girls. Had trouble getting good lighting.

Girls, rate my chest/arms?

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I'm a Girl
Judging by votes more girls think I'm below average. In other words I'm ugly and girls will continue to avoid me judging my looks?
Whoever rated super sexy thank you wish I knew who you are your too kind!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Your personality will get you the person you want. I am not going to lie, but judging from your arms, you could gain about 10 pounds. Since I do not know your weight and height, I am not sure if you are under weight.


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  • Your muscles look undeveloped and untrained as if you don't work out at all.

    • I don't work out upper body lower body like my legs I do. I'm asking about my natural look.

    • Oh okay :/ That makes sense. Some skinny people think they can get away with not working out and still look fit but you are an example of how false that is because it's blatantly clear that there's no muscle development in your chest, shoulders, abs, or arms.

  • Gain some weight dude!

    • I'm one of those people who has trouble putting on weight and most of my family are above average in height and thin, genetics play a part.

    • Oh I see. If that's the case then no worries 🙂

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