Who do you find attractive that no one else does?

i ask because people on this site seem to be obsessed with looks whether it is theirs on how attractive they are or not :-O and some people have a narrow idea of beauty. so im calling all those to tell me about moments where you broadened your idea of beauty beyind what is stereotypically pushed forward on media, w hether it is just one person or or it has happened many times.

so im wondering who do you find attractive that is out of your usual type, or that others dont particular deem them good looking or they are not known for their beauty but their beautiful to you :)

i think its good some people know that beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and cliche as it is everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Who do you find attractive that no one else does?
lol i think james corden is attractive and it isn't just his sense of humour he's cute!

he is not my type usually but i find myself drawn to his looks.
i also want to prove to many that while beauty has some obejctive standards, in everyday life beauty is quite subjective and you need not be beautiful by international standards to be considered beautiful
who is your example of this, say a name, describe it, post apic a link or anything :)


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  • farm3.static.flickr.com/.../...61_c84e91eab8_o.jpg

    OK, the first girl that poped into my head was Sue Heck (Eden Sher) from the sitcom The Middle. Yes! She is a teen aged girl! Yes! I am a 44 year old man! No! I am not a pedo! Eden in real life is actually quite the little head turner. However, Sue is this overlooked, clumsy, awkward, under dod of a kid with this amazing spirit you just gotta love! If I were 16 again, I would gravitate toward her positive energy. She is immune to negativity and lets pettiness just roll off her back. She is an wonderful role model for kids today and I am always proud of how she holds herself. Bravo, kiddo!


    A close tie for me (and to redeem myself from those who suspect me as a creep because I nominated Sue... LOL!) is Melissa McCarthy from the sitcom Mike and Molly. (not the movies the seem to want to make her all butch for some F'd up reason) I love her character's strong yet feminine nature. She seems like the kind of girl I could be really good friends with and possibly even fall for... if she'd have me that is. Haha!

    • by the way, great question. It's about time someone stimulates us to be deeper than a puddle of spit on this topic! Well done! I wish there was a way to uprate an asker in times like this.

    • hahaha thank you! by the way i like your choices and it is not creepy to like sue heck, she is an adult in real life anyway :P and i love melissa mccarthy she is so pretty she was so great in gilmore girls.
      thanks for answering :D

    • I just saw Spy... That was her best role/movie yet she kept me laughing the entire time :)

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  • A few years ago I used to think that Steffi Graf the german tennis player was gorgeous and my friends thought I was mad.

  • I have a thing for the actress: India Eisley.

    • lol i thought i was the only one who noticed she is nice looking! :)

  • I find shoulders really important.

    • hmmm ok cool. care to explain...

    • basically I don't like narrow shoulders , too boney, or shoulders that lift up towards the neck, too broad.

      I like a nice broad shoulder, round, some muscle tone, and held back for that confident posture.

  • Miley Cyrus

    • i could see that. hmmm

  • How would we know? I am sure if one person finds you attractive there would be at least some others who do as well.

  • I find myself attractive when I'm drunk and no one else does.

    • LMAO. you are not the only one who experiences this :(

    • No I am, because I'm never around anyone when I'm drunk or around people at all. I drink alone.

    • hmmmmmm

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  • Bruno Mars every time I answer who's my celebrity crush and I post pictures of him I get a bunch of down votes lol but idc.

    • Lol surprisingly enough my friend is actually very attracted to him so you are not alone :P

  • Charlie Sheen. People think I'm crazy when I tell 'em I find him attractive.

    • That is definitely original. lol. But i think his behavior throws people off

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    • LOL! thats even stranger, but good answer i like it! you made me laugh, we all have weird tastes at least now and again

    • . :D.


    He is my mutha fuckin babe

    • :'( i can't seeeee. and i was so excited to see it