Girls, which guy is more attractive - ?

Girls, which guy is more attractive - ?

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  • D: what the heck?

    It looks like the same person... as a boy and then as a man...
    obviously the man version wins.

    The only time i was attracted to boys was when i was myself a little girl.

    • they're twins. left one is mouth breather, while right one has tong on the roof of the mouth..

    • does that mean if you sleep with you mouth open you stay young looking? that explains why people say i look like a little girl

    • :o! really? thats' so strange.

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  • 2nd one looks more mature/developed

    1st looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet

  • I like the left one, but then again i'm a little lesbian and its the more feminine one soo thats probably why I like it.

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