Who is hotter/ more seduct/ more sexy from the girls at my pp?

Who of the girls is hotter?
physically, from their faces?
Some faces are really hotter than others.
It's depender from the lips, eyes, face features... am I right?
Who has got more seducation?
And is hotter or more sexy?
If you say that girl is hotter, can you give me a reason, too? :)
You can also say that both are not hot, sexy or seduct.
or only one if them


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  • That girl in corner black &white pic <3 beautiful

    • Is shw only beautiful?
      that's not the question :D
      and the other pics which lined with red are her pics, too

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    • Whatever I luv <3 that girl in first four pics

    • Changed it again 😂😂😂
      now the left one? True? :D

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