Girls, What is unattractive with my face?

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I want to know what why women aren't that attracted to my looks.
I don't need or want any compliments by the way.


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  • Well I might not be much help because I took a look at your pictures and honestly I'm asking myself the same question. I personally think you're attractive you have a nice smile, beautiful eyes, and you're a country boy.

    P. S. you resemble Bradley Cooper on your profile pic

    • yeah that wasn't helpful

    • I'm pretty sure you already clarified that. How about you go and ask one of the women that won't date you why they refuse to date you. Since GAG isn't of service to you 😒

    • okay will do

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  • Woah slow down cowboy with your low self esteem! Lol... I think you look very handsome :- ) might I add... BUT I am an Asian woman (from the Philippines), and I'm not sure if people like to race mix when dating...

    But as far as looks wise goes for you? It's rather attractive but also please note that not EVERYTHING is about looks... when you mature and you find someone you fall madly in love with, sometimes, the hormones just kick in you know? And the good memories are the ones that stick... not just effing a hot guy...

    Good luck friend!

  • To be honest I find nothing unattractive of ur face, I actually find u attractive.

    • I see you didn't read my whole question.

    • I did, but there's no way to say anything cuz I just don't see any "flaws" that ur trying to say u have. Women have different tastes...

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