What Do You Guys Think About White Hair?

Ever since i can remember i've had white hair... im 19, soon to be 20, at first i found it kinda weird, now im just embrasing it experimenting with different hair styles.

What do you guys think about it, is it weird?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love white hair. Especially on guys. I had basically white hair but then it kept falling out with all the bleaching

    • Yea i love girls with white hair too... its hot to me I don't know why... and i would love to try that Monster you have there... im a huge Monster addict... never tried a pink one... weird.

    • It's really good. But the original is my favorite

Most Helpful Guy

  • yes you should embrace your inner bernie sanders

    • hahahah :D lol i have white hair, im not bald :D

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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah I think it is cool looking

  • Cosplay like Elric from The Eternal Champion series.

    The Prince of Chaos gets all the ladies.

    • i tried to make my hair look like Witcher's hair... from well The Witcher 3... but its not that long yet.

    • Own that shit, man!