Girls, would you be turned off if the guy you were dating revealed to you that he wears a little makeup?

In my case, i don't wear that much. Just a little powder to cover up a patch of acne, and a little mascara. Nothing major.

I'm not very confident, but i feel better about myself when i wear it. But I'm afraid that if i ever do manage to catch a girl's attention that she will be turned off when i tell her i wear makeup...

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  • Johnny Depp, have you seen his eye liner? Rock it! Honestly if you have to tell her that you wear a little makeup it obviously isn't anything she could tell. I wouldn't care, whatever made you feel confident.

    • Its not very noticeable--at least i don't think. If it was, all of my friends would've probably made millions of snarky remarks about it by now.

    • Well as I said, I wouldn't mind. =)

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  • it is a bit weird but if i liked him and i knew it was cause he wasn't confident it would make me feel closer to him :)

  • ew thats a turn off no offense.. a guy wearing makeup is gross
    if you wanna cover up acne use a skin care cream of some sort and DONT wear mascara guys with long girl lashes are NOT hot

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