Girls, What kind of skin tone do I have?
I have a really hard time telling since gold looks better than silver, but my veins are more blueish. I'm not wearing makeup and the light is natural light (although it was kinda cloudy not sure if that matters). If you know something about it could you tell which colours would look good on me?

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  • I'd say cool. You look very pink in the picture, though that might be just redness on your face; it would be better to take a shot of you neck/chest area instead.

  • Warm, I think, it's a bit hard to determine...

  • Seems neutrual but kinda on the warm side a little... but here is the thing on cold skin silver looks good and on warm golden looks perfect... so since your kinda on the warm side go for gold 😊...

    • Thanks! I though that maybe it's because of my hair that golden looks better, but I have no idea. I can't exactly say I have a cold undertone.

    • Nope to make yourself look great you should wear clothing that matches your skin tone... since you are neutural and on the warm side go for gold and ofcouse your blonde hair can only enhance it a little more... i thinknits best you go for gold.

  • I'd say neutral. My skin is like 5 times more pale, i'm Anne Hathaway pale.. 😂

    • Nah my skin is as pale (more at my thights, belly and breasts) as Anne Hathaway, but not with a cold undertone I think.

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