What do you consider to be the prefect height for a guy?

I'm 5ft 11 however I'm suppose be like 6ft 1 6ft2 by the time I stop growing so I just wonder I personal want to be 6ft 3 or 6ft 2

Please post your favorite height

  • 6ft
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  • 6ft 1
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  • 6ft2
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  • 6ft 3
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  • 6ft 4 or greater
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  • 5ft 10 or shorter
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  • 5ft11
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I would hate to be taller than 6ft 4 cause the trouble to find stuff to fit and hate to be taller than 6ft 6 cause people start looking at you funny


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  • 6'2 is probably the absolute ideal. You are in the 6foot master race group but just tall enough to not be "too tall"

    You can basically fuck every girl on the planet if you're attractive and 6 foot+

    • I like males around 5ft9-5ft10 ish and im 5ft6. Tall guys are scary

    • @brugit. I once went into a house to tutor a person and I was 5ft 9 at the time, the mom was 6ft 1 the sons were 6ft 2 or 3 , 6ft 9 , 6ft 6 to 7and the dad 6ft 5 ... my oldest friend is 6ft 4 or 5 and I still couldn't handle it I never felt so short and, small cause these guys weren't those skinny or, lean tall people they were wide and big... Anyways I personally just took a look around cause their house was made so they were somewhat normal height inside like big doors tall door knobs etc and walked out and stated I can't do this lol we need to do this else where

    • I guess i would be a midget in that home. Those people r too tall. I personally like normal height guys that are cute

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  • I would say around B or C ( 6'1 or 6'2 ) just slightly above average

  • I think 6 ft is ideal. Unfortunately I'm only 5'9 :/

  • In my opinion it can't be stated that some specific height is ideal.

    There is advantage and disadvantage of all different height groups.

    What will happen to girls who are less than 5' if all guys are 6'2" or more.

    It won't be ideal I guess.

    All heights and sizes are good until you are fit.

  • Voted my height lol

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