Is there any way to know if you are model material facially?

No pics since asking "AM I model material? " with pics or selfies is always gonna be met with shitty responses saying how narcissistic the question is. Any other way to know?

Also... Girls have said I am good looking but I don't like pictures. In fact pictures make me feel really bad. I don't wanna be a model. I just wanna look like one in real life. I have a Model physique.


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  • No you're not. The end.


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    • Better.

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    • I'd try reddit. Get one of your profile and then just a regular snapshot.

    • Lol Reddit and yahoo Answers is mostly a bunch of 4s rating each other 7s and 8s. This is better very slightly for rates... I think. Very slightly. I guess one needs to just send in pics to a modelling agency for shits and giggles.

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  • Send pics to a model agency.

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