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It was today that realized that no matter how much I weigh or how skinny I am, I will always be unhappy with my body. I got sick recently, and started to lose a lot of weight, as well as muscle. Before I got sick I weighed 126 pounds and wanted to be skinner, like the Victorias Secret models. Now I am down to 114 pounds, I'm 5'2" size 34 D/C boobs (depends on the brand, most of the time it's a D). Yes I am thin, yes I have a nice face, yes I have a nice hour glass figure, and yes I have a butt, even though it's average. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel so insecure that I spend 20 minutes every morning on my makeup so that I feel prettier, and 15-30 minutes every night deciding what to wear for the next day, so that I will look good in what I wear, and not feel fat in the morning when I go to put on pants and they don't fit me right.

Also, it doesn't help when your boyfriend talks about other girls and how cute they are, because of what they wear, and how they wear it (makeup and clothes). He also talks about other girls, at least twice a week, how they flirted with him, and how attractive, and pretty they were; sometimes mentioning how they had nice boobs and butt. But what really hurts is when your friend is a model, and when you show your boyfriend a picture of your friend so he can see what they look like and then his eyes get really big, and starts talking about how they are really attractive and pretty. #NailInTheCoffin

No matter how skinny I am, or how much I weigh, I will be forever haunted by my apperance, constantly wishing I was skinner, had a flatter stomach, bigger boobs, and a bigger butt.

It's a LDR


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  • Honestly, it sounds like your boyfriend is harmful to your self-esteem. However, it is up to you to decide if you are gonna allow others to define how you feel about yourself in the end. Still, I don't think this kid should be trusted with your heart. I know it is hard, believe me I do, but you need to let go of him and move on. If you do take my advice here, which I doubt you will, and understandably so, let go with kindness. You don't have to be angry to let go. I wish you well, darling.

    • I plan on telling him, how what he say makes me feel, and if doesn't make an effort to change, then I will have to bring myself to leave him which will be really hard, since we have dated for over 2 years...

    • I know how it feels to let go of someone you feel you love and have invested so much time in. I also know what it feels like after you've given someone chance after chance to change. What I learned through a those wasted years was that I never let go of anyone without leaving claw marks in them first... meaning I reeeeealy had a hard time with letting go of people. It's called staying in a relationship after it's expiration date. I had to learn the hard way to accept people the way the were and not expect them to change who they essentially are. Can people change how they treat others? Sure, but it's not very common. Often they need to lose inportant relationships to find motivation to look at themselves close enough to find what it takes to change. It is a tough line to walk between self respect and understanding of other's short comings. Anyway, once I learned to accept people for exactly who they were (inconsiderate and / or self-centered) I was finally able to decide to let go.

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  • A lot of girls face this same issue. You need to learn to love yourself on the inside in order for you to love yourself as a whole. I think you would benefit from therapy, but first, you should communicate with your boyfriend and tell him that when he talks about how attractive other girls are, it makes u feel like you're not good enough. He shouldn't be focusing on other girls. His eyes should be focused on you!


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  • I think your opinion will change when you find someone who loves you for who you are. I don't care of the woman I love put on weight. I'm going to love her with all my heart it doesn't matter and when someone supports you like that you become much more okay with your body I think


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