What hairstlye should I get?

This is what my hair looks like now.

What hairstlye should i get?

Should i get any of these?



See the shade on the sides of his hair?
i sort of want that it looks cool, but i dont want to cut my hair i still want the dreads

keep them pushed aside..

i do this a lot when im trying to work and they get in my face


Leon thomas from victorious
he is the one who inspired me to get them in the 1st place
his aire shaved completely on the sides a little hair
and put the rest in a ponytail

I'm in highschool so hair is important xD
by the way the first picture is not me thats just the exact same hair as mine

  • Leave them alone, i like the ones you have now.
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  • Cut them off, i hate dreads.
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  • Other/ suggest and post pictures
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  • Number one or Number 4


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  • If you're thinking about getting a fucking stupid haircut then you should take this into consideration too..


    • not that big of an haircut just a little chip off the sides with a shade.. i hate the weekends hair it looks like he doesn't wash it, re dread it, even get it wet..

    • I know it looks stupid but at least it's funny. haha

    • yeah i didn't even know those were dreads until my sister said it

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  • I would go leave the same or style 3.

    • yeah i like 3 just dont know how to keep it that way

  • slicked back like an old school cat :D

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