Girls, Am I Ugly?

Girls, Am I Ugly?

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I'm a Girl
Haha at least one person is honest.
Since I'm obviously ugly and people are for whatever reason lying, I have no reason to live. What's the best way to kill myself?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should shave your head or get hair growth. My husband has a receding hairline and he used it. His hair grew back some. But other than that little thing you're very cute! You actually remind me of a friend. He's does stand up comedy. Did you seriously ask what the best way to kill yourself is? No way. Cut that shit out.
    Besides even if you're considered ugly to some people, it doesn't mean you can't get a girl even a very attractive one. My best friend is married to a very unattractive guy. She said she doesn't think so he grew on her. It's the way it is. When you have low self-esteem you can't see when someone is into you. I guaranty that's your problem. Also I've seen SO many of these gag questions and women will tell the truth. I've seen them pick "ugly as shit" or "undatable" ... It's a poll know one knows who voted what. So a lot of women would date you if you would notice them. You can't wait for them to make a move. A lot of women wait for the guy. And if she would make a move you have to not be so depressed and shooting off I hate myself vibes, she has no clue you notice her.


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What Girls Said 3

  • No, homeboy you're adorable ;D

    • Haha then I guess we should get to know each other.

  • tbh you kinda look like my boyfriend's dad so in case he reads this I'm gonna say no.

  • Nah, you're good looking to me