All I think about is sex?

I've always got sex on my mind, like i love exchanging pics vids and talking about it, i find sub and dom really sexy but knowone ever answers on here, just want to know if others feel this way, if its normal and if anyone else has really bad fruatration and confusion on the matter


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  • Let me introduce you to a friend of mine named Hormones :)


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  • I think about sex many times every day and I am 60 years old. Get used to it!

    • its sad that u can't get a erection lol

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    • Fair play! Does it get easier to accept your into that sort of scene more as you mature with age?

    • Does it get easier to accept what scene?

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  • This is not a site for stuff like that. Most girls are not here to talk about sex with you or send pictures. Go to a sex site instead.

    • I'm sorry if I offended you, i do usually ask harmless questions, I just felt safe enough to ask it to this community as I have seen similar posts, I've been on drs sites and they are not helpful because they all see a new boy who is confused

    • You have not offended me. I'm just telling you that this is not the right place for stuff like that because most girls are not here to talk about sex or send pictures to you. That's why they are not answering and they probably think you are a creepy pervert.

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