How can you describe something you don't like about a person who is asking for opinions without insulting them?

Especially for girls asking guys like myself how they look.
For example, if a girl asks for an opinion about her physical looks, and I think something like her nose looks odd, how can I say so without insulting her?

Also some posts want stronger criticism than others.


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  • Do not tell her that her nose looks odd. Certain things are better left unsaid.

    • I thought so. Any sort of list you can give or link me to?

    • Like someone else said, I think that the things they can't change without surgery you should probably try not to mention.

      But things like maybe their hair style/color would be safe to mention. Like maybe "I don't think that style/color suit you well." Or their clothing, or their makeup. Like oh that lipstick is a little too dark or something. Or if they have a unibrow.

      Basically anything that they can change isn't so bad as long as you put it politely especially if they're looking for critiques. I mean I am easily offended, but if someone said "I think you would look better with shorter hair" or something I wouldn't find it offensive.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • There was a similar question yesterday and I said my view that I tried to give the most positive answer that is closest to the truth because you are dealing with peoples' feelings in the How Do I Look section.


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  • If a girl asks a question like that, just say it looks fine, even if you think it looks funny. There is no point of damaging a girl’s self esteem just to vocalize that you think something about her looks weird. Girls typically ask questions like that so that people can assure them they are beautiful the way they are. You saying you don’t like something is not going do any good and you won’t be doing anyone a favor. Just keep it in and that’s it.
    I starting seeing a guy who ended up having a pretty small penis. He always said, “I’m sorry my dick is so small.” He didn’t say it so I could say, “Yea, it is. Thanks for apologizing.” He said it so I could reassure him that he didn’t need to be insecure. I always said it was fine. Was it small? Yes. But was I going to make ANYTHING better by saying that to him? No. Was it the worst thing in the world that I JUST HADDDD TOOO SAY IT? No. Because what good would it do? Just so I could say it out loud? We all have flaws and no one would want someone, especially someone they are potentially interested in, to comment on their “flaws”. Whether they ask or not.

  • Anything that can't be changed, keep to yourself, there's no point in bringing it up. Why would you tell somebody you don't like their nose when the only thing they can do about it is get plastic surgery, which is ridiculous?

    • Ya, I figured so. Still, even things that can be changed I feel paranoid about...

  • In my opinion, when a girl is asking for someone's opinion, it is to boost up her confidence. Find something you like about her and let her know. Not everyone is perfect! Why point out someone's flaws? If you are able to notice she has a funny nose, I'm sure she points it out to herself every morning in the mirror

  • By still being honest about it but not being a total dick.

    • That's what I'm trying to figure out. How to not accidentally sound like a dick when totally honest. I would never try to be one, expect it's hard to not accidentally sound like one sometimes. Especially online.

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  • "I would anticipate that most guys in your age range might pause and look at your nose because it draws unnecessary attention away from your more desirable features."