Are facial looks pretty subjective as long as one is not a fat neckbeard or having huge asymmetry?

So if one does all that they can to improve their looks... genetic plateau... they won't have to worry about anyone necessarily being BETTER LOOKING than them (to the majority of females) so to speak? As in some would find guy x hotter and some them?

I mean that's reasonable right? Because I see fatties with neckbeards thinking they can be as hot as Francisco Lachowski and some even cheer them on... so a guy at his genetic plateau should not be considered delusional riiiiiight? RIIIIIIGHT? I hate the word delusional

I mean a guy with a decent face
At least a decent face
Trying to be humble here


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  • Looks are subjective... fatty with neckbeard will be incredibly attractive TO SOMEONE... and you will be unattractive to someone... just be you and you will find someone who thinks you being you is attractive...

    • IDGAF about SOMEONE. I care about what the MAJORITY OF women think. Lol srsly tho

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    • I fap to myself in the mirror bruv

    • You should too... if you're fat... become Adonis

  • It would be arrogant to assume I am the most handsome man in the world so I think it is fair to presume there will be guys that the majority of women will find better looking than me but I have other things to offer like a good personality that will even things out.

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