FRIDA is that you?

I have a best friend who has a unibrow, and yesturday we were walking in a mall- when a guy from one of our classes came up to us. We knew him well, and he was popular/chill kind of guy. But in the middle of our conversation- he randomly mentioned that my best friend looks like the artist that he is learning about- Frida Khalo. And started comparing a photo of her on his phone to her face. My bff didn't say anything, but later she kept wondering if what he said was to laugh at her, or he just said it. Although I told her he means no harm, she still has doubts. What do you guys think? Please comment down below. Thank you!!!


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  • Hard to say - If I remember rightly she was a famous Spanish artist who led a very alternative lifestyle but was considered a romantic character maybe even a beauty but did have bushy eyebrows possibly a bit of a unibrow as a bit of F*** you to the world of being trendy and fashionable.
    If the guy admired the artist and thought she was cool then it was a compliment. If he was having a dig at your friend then he is showing gross immaturity and I wouldn't waste my time thinking about it.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I guess your right maybe he did say it as a compliment. Its just you never know young guys think and that is probably why my friend thought the worst. But you were very helpful!!

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