What piercing (s) should I get?

My husband likes piercings. I like piercings too so I've decided to start thinking about what I want. I'd like some help. I realize some people hate piercings and that's fine.
I already have my ears done all that I'm willing to do.
So the choices that I'm willing to do are...

Bellybutton- I don't know it it will look that good because i don't have a completely flat stomach. Not fat just not in shape tight.
Eyebrow- not sure if I'd look good with that either.
Tongue- I've almost always wanted this but I'm chicken shit.
Venus/Christina genital piercing- 8 month healing time. But I think it's cute.

I won't do any that seem over the top.
I don't want my nipples done. The thought goes through me.
I've had my nose pierced over an over. I hate it on me. =/
If you think I might look good with a different piercing then let me know.

There is a closer pic of my face on my profile.

  • Bellybutton
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  • Eyebrow
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  • Tongue
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  • Venus/Christina
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  • I don't like piercings/none.
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say anything except Venus/Christina. I just find that trashy. Tongue piercings are less trashy and then belly button. I could live with those, however.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe a lip ring?

    • Hmmm I'll look at them and see if I might like it on me. Thank you!

    • No problem! 😋 I really like lip/face piercings and there are many different kinds. I think you would look good with some^.^

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What Guys Said 3

  • From your descriptions I think you favour Venus/Christina piercing - Go with the piercing you are most comfortable or happiest with - I like all piercings, lip and labret piercings could be an option or a septum ring.

  • Where about on your genitail

  • NONE EEEEEEEE it's ugly shit!


What Girls Said 2

  • You should get your tongue pierced you clearly want it the most but you shouldn't be is afraid of getting it done regardless of where you get it done it will still hurt. The only one I that will hurt the worse would be the genital one especially considering you said 8 months to heel none of the others even require heeling time.

    • Tongue piercings is about 7 weeks healing time. Some people more. I know they hurt I just don't know if I can sit still for it while he clamps my tongue and holds it out my mouth.

    • Thank you... I might still get it.

    • Yeah I get what you mean but I still wouldn't recommend getting your genitals pierced if you don't go with those I think you should actually get a nose piercing and if you don't like that either then I'd say go with eyebrow

  • i think the eyebrow piercing would look pretty cool, and i would stay away from the tongue piercing since it's an actual muscle so it never heal the way cartliage could plus it would be very easy for it to get infected. the same goes for a genital piercing. i think the belly button would also be a pretty safe bet, plus i think it would still look ok even if your stomach isn't completely flat, no very many people's are

    • I'll take that into consideration! I'm worried the eyebrow will look too bulging on me but I do like it on a lot of people. I'm undecided. Lol Thank you!