Girls, rate both guys facially? Guy 2 is not at max potential. ARE looks subjective? Even at a large scale (What matters )? AT max would 2 be close?

Girls,rate both guys facially?Guy 2 is not at max potential.ARE looks subjective?Even at a large scale (What matters )?AT max would 2 be close?

To the majority of women I mean. Why or why not?


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  • Guy one will be subject to judgement that he is an asshole based on his looks. Guy two looks like he'd be geeky but funny and nice. Aesthetically speaking if guy two reached max potential he could easily beat guy one considering his cheekbones already show well if he was more fit his facial structure would be really good


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  • I think guy 1 is better looking but guy 2 would probably be more successful with the ladies because he has a great personality.


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  • there just is no contest at all whatsoever. guy 1 has a defined jawline, well proportioned face, a good body, and doesn't look like he just got out f a weed smelling apartment where he lounges around playing cod on his used and constantly breaking xbox 360. guy 1 has done his hair properly, he's young, he's lit well and shot well, he's got good cheekbones, good contours, and he's buff.

    seth rogen is seth rogen.

    • But what if guy 2 worked and went to a hairstylist? BAM

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    • Well... okay... I am still hotter than any guy on Earth though. So it's okay.

    • Purely on looks is all that matters in my opinion.

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