Girls, Girls 18-24 only, could I get an honest rate?

NOTE, that I can't grow hair, it's a scalp condition so factor that in, and no goodie goodie answers please, only put above a 7 really if you could date a guy who looked like me
Girls, Girls 18-24 only, could I get an honest rate?
Im only 20

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I'm a Girl
Just so it's clear I can't grow facial hair either with the condition

Someone asked about my build so here it is, not a good picture but hey I don't have any without a shirt on really haha.
Also I know I'm pale AF, but the dermatologist who diagnosed me with scalp issue even told me my skin is a type that just won't tan
Hmm I guess the results aren't too bad,


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  • I hate rating (and when I say hate, I mean it! I hate it!!) but I voted D, as in 7 and I would date a guy that looked like you. Your eyes are very pretty btw! :)


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  • If you're muscular I'd definitely date you.

    • Not muscular at all really, but I do have tone, all the men in my family are very small built, even working out for over six months gained me a whole five pounds. We get some tone so it's not like I'm some pencil neck guy but im defintely on the slender side

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    • Okay it's fine haha, but no go since I'm skinng?

    • Yep! I meant I don't know i usually dont like skinny dudes but now im close to a guy who is skinny. So it really depends on that persons personality

  • I think you look okay