Girls, Please rate me?

insecure as i am, i would like to know your opinions since i got som tips on how to look on a picture!
if i can change something please say so!
Girls, Please rate me?
sorry for the bad quality

i was sick on this picture but i have a cat in my hoodie so that has to count for something!

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  • dude again? you fricking narcissist (i still like you though <3 )
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I'm a Girl
i just want to thank you all :) i recently got called ugly and that made me really insecure but it seems a lot of people here disagree!
i am really happy with the results :P
if i can change something please say so!


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  • Hahaha, you're cute and I'm loving your cat!! She's like "Hey, your hoodie is hot, I'mma stay here for a while. Now stop moving cause I wanna sleep you idiot!" I like to think I understand cats' language. :D

    • haha you most certainly do! because damn this cat has her own will :P
      she likes sitting on my shoulder though as a little parrot

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    • of course! if you want an animal that cares about you you get a dog :P i still love my cats but i like my dogs more for they show affection!

    • I like dogs too but I'm more of a cat person. They're cute and soft and they're also caring. The other day I was having an anxiety attack and my cat managed to calm me down. It's as if she knew something was wrong. I do want me a golden retriever though. :)

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