No guy show interest on me. Am I unattractive and too ugly?

I'm a 19 yr old, a college girl. I never been into a relationship. In other words I'm NBSB, I know I'm still young but why is it that no guy ever confessed , ask me on a date, or approaches me? they are just looking at me when Im around which is normal thing to happen. I want to feel how my friends felt when guys are showing interest on them which I never experience. I'm thinking if guys find me unattractive and ugly even I tell to my self that I'm not ugly , as days past and encounter an instance again where I was left alone with no guy ever approaches me it automatically comes into my mind again that I'm unattractive and too ugly 😭


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  • Do you really want a guy that only wants you for looks

    • No but it seems that lot of guys are looking in physical appearance.

    • That is so true about guys these days. Trust me, I know how that feels...

    • @AryMartinez yeah absolutely true.
      Because even the mean girls in our school has a lot of suitors, its because they are gorgeous.

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  • Don't compare yourself to your friends. I'm sure you're a very lovely girl. Have you tried approaching any guys you're interested in?

    • No Im afraid, because I think they don't like me and they will just ignore me :(

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    • Okay :) thank you so much for the response.

    • You're very welcome :)

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  • I think you look very cute


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  • Thats not how it work! You have to work for romance! You have to put yourself out there and possible be around guys that like the stuff you like! Thats when you approach for the kill that get the guys to like you.

    • Yeah I'm afraid :(
      But do you think they won't think I'm a flirt if I make the first move like smiling at them first?

    • No you don't have to do that! I am just saying do thing you like or join activities you like where you know guys will be there. Then just be you and friendly! Talk to them like normal and try to get know other guys... I am sure someone will like you!

    • Thats how it normally happens anyway!

  • don't be insecure about your looks. the fact that you are insecure is possibly the main problem that boys don't approach you. it makes a huge difference if you love yourself an are just smiling. When you smile to a guy you are more inviting.
    and next to that, you can just talk to boys, it really doesn't have to mean you two are gonna marry. just making a joke or say hello is enough

    • Yeah maybe I'm insecure and that's one of my problem I think :(
      and you're right I should smile and talk to guys but I'm afraid that they will think I'm flirting with them. I just don't want to make the first move.

    • i think that is not a bad thing if a boy thinks you are flirting with him. Its a compliment to him right? and it shows a fun happy side of yourself if you are able to flirt, without expecting anything serious to happen. i was insecure myself too, but than i noticed it has nothing to do with the way i look, it is the way you love yourself that really counts in these things. (sorry for my bad english)

    • Maybe I'm just worrying to much on what people will think about me and your right there is nothing wrong with a smile, :)
      I just need to have a courage to try it :)
      There's no need for you to sorry with your English , I'm not good on it too :D
      By the way Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it

  • Where the pic at?